PrimeThought Software Solutions

End to end Spatial Solution Providers

PrimeThought Software Solutions provide end to end spatial solutions.

We develop and sell spatial and engineering components that are fair priced and widely distributed with high end functionality to increase  participation in the spatial game by empowering users and enhancing access to data and tools.

Our products are used in Mining, Engineering, Geographical Information Systems, Spatial Marketing Analysis.

We uniquely serve both the 2D and 3D spaces using the same tools!

Coming Soon! Australian Data sets for Geocoding and Routing, sold with LocateXL and RouteXL.

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Latest News

  1. Release Notes

    Release Notes for SpatialXL: These are the release notes for SpatialXL which can be downloaded from the Downloads > SpatialXL section. SpatialXL Version 5.1 Release date: 16 April, 2014 Enhancements: 1. Optional Ribbon Menu 2. Automatically make active layer editable 3....
  2. SpatialXL

    SpatialXL Product Downloads SpatialXL 64 bit Version: Updated: 16 April 2014 SpatialXL 32 bit Version: Updated: 16 April 2014 Release notes
  3. Prices

    Download the full pricelist for all of our products for 2D and 3D. Download the pricelist that relates to our GIS or 2D mapping products. SpatialXL MineModeller MineDB SpatialServer RouteXL DesignXL ScheduleXL LocateXL Geocoding...
  4. SpatialXL Commercial Sector

    TRAINING GUIDES Installation and Setup • How to download and install SpatialXL • How to license SpatialXL • How to load the Custom Toolbar Layout file How to open and add data to SpatialXL • How to open SpatialXL • How to add Background Maps • How to add Google Maps, Open...
  5. Products

    We provide products in different industries such as the Commercial Sector, Mining, Engineering and GIS consumers such as Municipalities. 3D/2D Mining or Engineering Commercial Sector and GIS...