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  1. Release Notes

    Release Notes for SpatialXL: These are the release notes for SpatialXL which can be downloaded from the Downloads > SpatialXL section. SpatialXL Version 5.3 Release date: 14 September 2014 Enhancements: 1. Hide on filter checkboxes only shown when applicable. 2. Script editors...
  2. SpatialXL

    SpatialXL Product Downloads SpatialXL 64 bit Version: 5.3 Updated: 14 September 2014 SpatialXL 32 bit Version: 5.3 Updated: 14 September 2014 Release notes
  3. Release Notes

    Release Notes for MineModeller MineModeller ================= Enhancements: 1.Area Report 2.Plot heights for offsets 3.New Ribbon UI 4.Line Peg capture Bug Fixes: 1.Fixed bearing in join 2.Fixed offsets tolerance check 3.Fixed SQL Server DB browse...
  4. MineModeller

    MineModeller Product Downloads MineModeller.exe Version: Release date: 10 September 2014 Release Notes Underground Survey Tutorial Files
  5. Prices

    SpatialXL MineModeller SpatialBase (MineDB) SpatialServerWeb including: MapIQ RoutingDB Service Locate Service RouteXL DesignXL ScheduleXL LocateXL Geocoding Services Background Map data (South...